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Still, Cuban government officials often have treated the island's entrepreneurs as a necessary evil and a possible Trojan Horse that could allow opponents in the United States to at long last bring down the revolution.And while the official line from Cuban officials is that they have been implementing free market reforms "without hurry but without stopping," the opening had stalled out as the government seemed to doubt the wisdom of further empowering Cuban entrepreneurs.


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I was a bit surprised to hear we’re all still playing such stiff roles, at least with this cookbook author. I wonder, has anyone noticed that in their blogging, and has it influenced what you write?

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I immediately thought to myself why not work my blog backwards instead of just keeping the ending in mind. Start with the conclusion (which sums up what you’re going to talk about) and end with the opening statement which many times asks some form of an open-ended question.

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you appear to be A) keeping your format for replies constant so as to be recognizable and B) reply to specific questions or comments to encourage more on this subject and seem more personable.

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